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What to learn next

Post by Reggie » Wed 02.23.2005 9:11 pm

Hi I'm new here and just started learning Japanese a day or two ago. I was wondering what I should learn first. Should I learn how to speak it first (grammar vocab, etc.) or learn how to read it first? I've already basically got Hirigana down pat. Should I try to learn Katakana and THEN Kanji next or vice versa? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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RE: What to learn next

Post by clay » Wed 02.23.2005 9:28 pm

You could go either route. I definitely think Hiragana should be first even before learning grammar. Katakana can be picked up later or you can tackle it now. I suggest learning some kanji as soon as possible. But after hiragana you may want to start learning simple conversational phrases and beginning grammar.

I also think it is smart to get a good textbook and stick with it. It will give you a structured learning method. We stock Japanese for Busy People and the GEnki series at our store:

Both of those textbooks are excellent.

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