Shoutbox fixed?

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?
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Shoutbox fixed?

Post by zengargoyle » Fri 07.22.2005 5:21 pm

i think i've fixed the Shoutbox so that it won't break kanji or kana (or any other SHIFT-JIS characters) . if anybody has any display problems or other oddities with the Shoutbox drop me a PM or post to this thread. i'm only able to check with Firefox so hopefully IE doesn't barf on the wrapping.

and if you haven't checked it out yet, the View Recent Threads page is up and available.

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RE: Shoutbox fixed?

Post by clay » Fri 07.22.2005 7:04 pm

Thanks! Looks great. I also use Firefox. But no complaints so I am sure it works with IE also.

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RE: Shoutbox fixed?

Post by Shibakoen » Fri 07.22.2005 11:33 pm

Firefox rules!!! Gomen, ne. Couldn't resist. Actually is there a coloquial way to say "~~ rules!!" in Japanese? I mean obviously not using "dai suki."

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RE: Shoutbox fixed?

Post by netarou » Sat 07.23.2005 1:43 am

"Firefox rules!!!" → 「Firefox最強(さいきょう)!!!」or「Firefox最高(さいこう)!!!」

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RE: Shoutbox fixed?

Post by Harisenbon » Sat 07.23.2005 10:00 am

I love the simple

さすが Firefox

It just sounds so 偉そう
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