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Favorite recipe websites

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Favorite recipe websites

Postby yankumi » Tue 07.26.2005 2:05 am

These are the ones I have found so far

I love this one. The artwork, the descriptions, everthing is just so calm and lovely

The Okonomiyaki Page


simple recipes

Everything about ramen. No recipes, but interesting.

Virtual Bento. Not really a recipe site, but fun.
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RE: Favorite recipe websites

Postby Justin » Tue 07.26.2005 2:45 am

Being all in Japanese it might not be all that useful to some of you guys, but for those of you that can manage, there's a plethora of great recipes to be had here...

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RE: Favorite recipe websites

Postby stanggirl70 » Fri 10.28.2005 1:06 am

Here's one I use all the time, but beware of popups and ads! There are great recipes, etiquette lessons, etc.

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