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Own comic!

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Own comic!

Postby Kitty » Tue 07.26.2005 7:22 am

Have any of you ever tried to make a manga comic?:P
I have my own!In over 100 pages!
It took me about 3-4month..And it was my first time drawing japanese style:P
It's about a girl named Kitty..She always gets herself in trouble:P
Everyone enjoys to read it and when the do,they always laughts:)
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RE: Own comic!

Postby Sanae-chan » Tue 07.26.2005 8:18 am

Uhm.. o.O; Isn't there already a thread like this?
Look for threads about what your going to write about before you make a new one! >.<
That was all I wanted to say ^^; *Cough*
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RE: Own comic!

Postby Jba » Wed 07.27.2005 5:32 pm

cool is there any place that i could read it:)
There is a beggining,the middle,the climax,then there is the end
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RE: Own comic!

Postby jinksys » Wed 07.27.2005 7:14 pm

Do you have it online? If not, I could host it for you.
Hello? Internets?
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RE: Own comic!

Postby AnimeChickadee » Wed 07.27.2005 7:55 pm

oh really it seem interesting;):) [and super cool] did u write the text in japanese?:D
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RE: Own comic!

Postby Kitty » Sat 07.30.2005 12:14 pm

The text is in english.
But im not sure where you can read it..:P
I can maybye send it to you?:)
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