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Online Mangas

Post by Schattenjedi » Tue 07.26.2005 7:27 am

Here is a site with some online Mangas. Pretty decent considering they are free. The only prerequisite is that you must be able to read Japanese. :-)

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RE: Online Mangas

Post by Sanae-chan » Tue 07.26.2005 8:13 am

Sigh.. Wish I could read Kanji but I've only learned Hiragana and Katakana so far (Which i managed to learn in only one week and two days btw :D). Plus I read about as fast as a snail walks (Or whatever they do xD).
The only online manga-site I've found that wasn't in japanese was in german (And consisting of mostly dôjinshis)+ the mangas wasn't all that good :/
Anyways.. Here's the adress to the german Doujinshi-site;
Oh yeah, found a site with a Powerpuffgirls-Doujinshi. Here's the adress;

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RE: mangas

Post by mewmewcrystal » Tue 07.26.2005 10:34 am

i know 2 places that are free to read manga one is
TheMangaTranslationGarden and the other is a shojo manga page;)

but there all in english
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RE: Online Mangas

Post by zengargoyle » Tue 07.26.2005 11:07 am

LOL at the Powerpuff doujinshi, it's fantastic. it has just about everybody from CN in it somewhere.

and while we're on the online reading topic, does anybody know of some nice and easy online 4コマ?

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