What way do the japanese read

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What way do the japanese read

Post by AnimeChickadee » Wed 07.27.2005 4:46 pm

[center]hi i was wondering what way to the japanese read?:|
i know they write up and down but when they do;
do they read left to right or right to left???

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RE: What way do the japanese read

Post by jinksys » Wed 07.27.2005 7:16 pm

Modern texts are written left to right, although right to left texts do exist.
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RE: What way do the japanese read

Post by natemb » Wed 07.27.2005 11:05 pm

When Japanese is written vertically, it is always read right to left, and the books are read "from back to front" (from our point of view). When text is written horizontally, it is read in the same direction as English, and the books are also arranged the same as ours.

From what I've seen in Japan, most manga and novels seem to be written in the tradintional vertical way, but the western style seems to be used for most other kinds books.

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RE: What way do the japanese read

Post by Harisenbon » Thu 07.28.2005 1:12 am


Magazines and advertisements are usually written in the western style, while books (which include manga) are written in Japanese style.

I feel like we just had a post about this last week, too. I remember trying to write some vertical text in the forum.
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