Would this be right??

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Would this be right??

Post by Ino » Wed 01.10.2007 3:33 pm

Ok so i'm just a beginner in the Japanese language so don't completely tear me apart if i'm wrong... but is this the right way to say "she is going to the bank"?

Kanojo wa ginko ikimasu

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RE: Would this be right??

Post by paul_b » Wed 01.10.2007 3:40 pm

kanojo wa ginkou ni ikimasu.

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RE: Would this be right??

Post by leergierig » Wed 01.10.2007 4:09 pm

Also, if you do not wish to specify whether the bank is the final destination, you could write:

kanojo wa ginkou he ikimasu.

This could be translated as "She is going towards the bank", or more correcty "She goes toward the bank". The English progressive (verb + -ing form) has a slightly different Japanese counterpart but I won't confuse you with that now.

Note that he is pronounced e.

(I'm not an expert in Japanese, but I believe the above is correct)

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