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Reading Material

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Reading Material

Postby Jean Of mArc » Wed 07.27.2005 5:08 pm

Are there any recommended websites, books or programs that more-or-less do the following:

- Give you a phrase in Japanese to translate into English, and vice versa, in a test format (so the answer isn't shown right next to the question).
- Provide the answers after you have given it an attempt.
- Do full phrases and not just individual words or characters.

I'm a little sick of the flashcards of "what is this character"? Or "what is this word"?... And also when I try to translate the phrases I need help afterwards to see if I was correct... and so I can see what I should have done.

So far the only site like this I've found was:


in the Japanese Verbs section (with the tests).
Jean Of mArc
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RE: Reading Material

Postby Harisenbon » Wed 07.27.2005 8:48 pm

Try Kanji Gold. It's a really good program that contains a test like you're talking about. It can test kanji and vocabulary.
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RE: Reading Material

Postby Spaztick » Thu 07.28.2005 3:13 pm

Buy a Mac, install OX Tiger and use the translator widget. :) But yea, Kanji Gold if you don't wanna do that.
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RE: Reading Material

Postby Steve_Poppers » Thu 07.28.2005 3:58 pm

You know, we could talk to the Japanese Study Group to see if they'll set up a page.
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