"to" form?

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"to" form?

Post by Nibble » Thu 07.28.2005 6:46 pm

I've noticed in some manga I have that people occasionally take a word in "te" form, but replace the "te" with "to" -- for example, in Yotsuba& volume 1, the father says 「そこおいといていいぞ〜」 instead of 「そこおいていていいぞ〜」(which I translate as "You can leave it there"). Is there any reason for this? Is it common in spoken Japanese, or part of a certain dialect?
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RE: "to" form?

Post by Harisenbon » Thu 07.28.2005 9:25 pm

It's a fairly common dialect. I know it from Gifu, but I'm sure that it's wider than that. Maybe the whole Kansai area?

They just replace て with と in verbs.

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RE: "to" form?

Post by netarou » Fri 07.29.2005 5:46 am

So, ておく becomes とく in conversation, I think.
In some region, ておく becomes ちょく though.

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