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ガゼット or Gazette

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ガゼット or Gazette

Postby AmaiChi » Sat 01.13.2007 9:30 pm

I was wondering if Gazette is an all boys group or do they have girls in their group as well. I was listening to one of their songs called "Filth in the Beauty" and a girl(sounded like a girl) was singing with them. I'm just confused b/c I haven't read anything about whether or not it's a boy band or if it has mixed gender. If anyone could tell me about this. I would be very happy!
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RE: ガゼット or Gazette

Postby kungfu_burrito » Sat 01.13.2007 10:37 pm

Nope, all the members of Gazette are guys. I have no idea who the girl singer is in Filth in the Beauty though.
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RE: ガゼット or Gazette

Postby Lauma » Thu 02.01.2007 4:59 pm

Indeed,definetly all 5 are male. ;)
I think filth in the beauty could be filmed in Germany (well about the time it came out they were there touring) and german videos do sometimes have some singing girls that sound close or egzactly as this one...but it`s just a guess.... :p
Maybe try listening to some other songs, their latest album (before filth in the beauty and sutch singles) NIL was mostly (well in most songs) good...
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