List of jargon about video games

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List of jargon about video games

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Sun 01.14.2007 6:41 pm

In other words, jargon that is used in kouryaku sites and the like in talking about video games (not necessarily exclusively). I'm just going to list a few; add some if you like. Most of these are RPG-related.

攻略(本, サイト, wiki) - strategy guide/site/wiki
パラ - (short for "parameters") stats (i.e. strength, intelligence, defense)
リアルラック - Real-world luck (as opposed to a character "luck" statistic)
キャラ - Character
やりこみ - Optional challenge, bonus dungeon, low-level game, etc.
2周目 - Second playthrough (implies carryover)
引き継ぐ - Carryover (i.e. new game+)
ラスボス - final boss
カウントする - to count for some condition (i.e. 隠しEDの為に第1話の戦闘不秤?狽ヘカウントされない = "For the secret ending, deaths in chapter 1 are not counted")
ネタバレ - spoilers
小ネタ - random hints, small advice, etc.
OP - opening theme/movie
ED - ending
隠し(キャラ, ED, etc.) - Hidden/secret characters, endings, etc.
発生 - some scene, event, etc. activates

Any others?
-Chris Kern

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