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Minako Honda

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Minako Honda

Postby Hiroshi » Thu 01.18.2007 8:18 pm

Are the any Minako Honda fans on this forum? I like her music very much. Her 80's pop music is alright, but her classical and opera music are truly amazing. Below is one of my favorite songs by her. Shame she died so young. I wish I could have seen her in concert...

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RE: Minako Honda

Postby Apache Dawn » Thu 01.18.2007 11:00 pm

Sounds really good. For a second in the begining (since it starts out on a 1 to 3), I thought it would hit a 4 next.
Apache Dawn
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RE: Minako Honda

Postby Hiroshi » Fri 01.19.2007 10:43 am

A few other really nice Minako Honda songs. I think she was one of the best Japanese pop singers of the 80's and 90's.


I'd Give My Life For You (from Miss Saigon, which she starred in)

Time to Say Goodbye
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RE: Minako Honda

Postby senbazaru » Fri 01.26.2007 7:13 pm

[center]I love how she sings amazing grace. I cry everythime I hear her voice. If I could I would trade places with her. I wish I had been around for her earlier concerts :( :( :(. [/center]
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