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Postby Daisuke » Tue 04.26.2005 8:38 am

Chat Rules
revision 1.5

These are the rules on how you must abide by using Chat. Everytime you enter chat, you are Agreeing to abide by these rules. If you choose not to, then do not enter chat or be prepared for a ban.

1. Do NOT ask to be admin. Do you know how many people have asked to be a moderator? The world thinks its good enough to be a mod but that doesnt mean it gets to be one. If we want you to be a mod, we will ask. If not, tough luck.

2. No profanity. For those who don't understand, its a no swearing rule.

3. No spamming. Its ok to say something in quick succession. Even to repeat something. But to constantly say something, even its because "nobody answered my question", spamming will not be tolerated. Theres usually a reason why people didnt answer your question. They could be busy or they can plain just not know. Spamming your question is guaranteed to get you nowhere and alot of people ignoring you.

4. Be polite. I thought this would be really obvious but some people don't understand what manners are.

5. Please keep the CAP LOCKS TO THE MINIMUM. It looks like you're shouting at someone, therefore breaking rule 4.

6. A moderators decision is final. If they see fit to ban you, then tough luck. Good luck on finding a better place to chat and learn japanese. As most people who use chat knows, the mods here do not ban without a valid reason and the mods are very nice people. Some mods may be more tolerant then others but thats your choice if you wish to risk a ban.

7. Be nice to mods. This is mainly an extension to rule 4...and as i said. i think it would be obvious. The quickest way to a ban is to insult a mod. Seriously, its like jumping of a cliff. With concrete shoes. And an 800lb sumo wrestler on your back.

8. If anyone wishes to complain about someone else please PM a admin/mod and they will try to assist you with any problems as soon as possible.

9. Try to stick to rooms. Don't enter the japanese chat room and then complain about how everyone is chatting in japanese. Abit obvious but I thought I'd give it a mention. Remember, the "The Lounge" is General hence the topic can be about absolutely anything (almost).

11. Impersonating an Admin/mod or pretending to be one when asked is an immediate ban. This includes using the mod/admin icon for room or listing icons.

12. Use of offensive names will make a mod issue you a request for you to change name. If you dont reply/change your name, you will be banned without questions. You may neither login with more than one screen name at once.

If you get banned from the chat room, any of your forum accounts will also be banned.

Rumour - You can log in again once you've been banned, by using a different user name.
Truth - Alot of people "think" that they can, but the truth is, the first ban issued is always a kick (unless the first offence was serious). This serves as a last warning. Any further misbehaviour will result in a perma ban (permanent ban).

These are the main rules to chat. If you have any questions, you can always ask a moderator. The reason they exist is to help everyone with any problems. They will resolve confilcts, help with japanese, or just be there to chat about anything you wish.

If there are any questions concerning the chat room (problems or just general questions), feel free to PM me or any other admin.

Thank you for reading the rules. Happy chatting and Japanese studying! Ganbatte ne!

any other problems you can notice or suggestions, please pm me! *unfinished revision...not enough time!*

[Written by Redfoxer - consolidating two threads -Paul]
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RE: Chat!

Postby somethinorwatever » Wed 04.27.2005 9:30 pm

we have to decide on a time together to go on at the same time. people will not want to stay on if they no one else is there. my suggestion, is a time that is convenient for everybody across the US. i don't mean to be against pple from different countries, but i don't know the time zones very well. or mayB we could have a schedule of agreed upon times. may be a big meeting every 4 or 6 hours. what do you guys think?
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RE: Chat!

Postby coco » Wed 07.05.2006 5:46 pm

Sakana_12345 wrote:
Hmm, it is saying my account details are wrong everytime I try to log into the Japanese page channel on Pandion.

New Chat
Please read this thread. and ask on the thread again if you are not able to be logging in.

Good luck.:)
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RE: Chat!

Postby cybermat » Sun 09.03.2006 9:49 pm

Hi Everyone, I really miss the flash chat program on this website. I am a MAC user and I can't seem to get on with any of the clients suggested on the instructions. I have not been able to get on for a while now. I was wondering though how much bandwidth is required to host the flash chat server? If it's not too much, I am willing to host it on my server. Clay san, if you see this message, PM me. Thanks.
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RE: Chat!

Postby zengargoyle » Sun 09.03.2006 10:45 pm

iChat or something called Admium (i think) will work. there's also jwchat.org or meebo.com which are browser based (Javascript) clients. iChat is Apple's flagship chat product and is Jabber based. so you shouldn't really have any problems finding a way to join the chat from a Mac.
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RE: oops

Postby cori » Sun 10.29.2006 10:02 am

Clay if you read this, then you'd need a Linux machine (or maybe MACOSX can) then download ircd and compile and install it. It's quite simple to install, but the rules files for access can be a bit tricky to get setup from the 1st. It's not bad really tho, but I don't think you'd want to setup your own IRC server for only a few rooms. It's best that everyone can just agree on an IRCserver and pick a room name. Then someone can load some bots in there to protect the channel etc.
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RE: Chat!

Postby clay » Sun 10.29.2006 10:20 am

Thanks cori, we are weighing out different options one of which would be to setup our own IRC server, but we will see...
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RE: Chat!

Postby paul_b » Wed 11.22.2006 11:39 am

Most of the information on the current chat system is given in this thread:

Chat Upgrade thread.

Please look there before panicking.
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RE: Chat!

Postby baiduXlita » Fri 12.29.2006 8:59 am

??? Okay I get the rules and everything just a little confused on why everyone else is talking about something else...it's bothering me.....
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RE: Chat!

Postby paul_b » Fri 12.29.2006 9:25 am

baiduXlita wrote:
??? Okay I get the rules and everything just a little confused on why everyone else is talking about something else...it's bothering me.....

Look at the dates - it's probably out of date stuff. The chat system has been changed, several times, since this thread started.
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RE: Chat!

Postby redfoxer » Fri 12.29.2006 10:52 am

Those rules are indeed out of date and some have no relavence to the new chat. *Although*, saying that, most still do have relavence to the new chat (such as the behaviour protocols/rules) so they give general guideline to abide by. When someone gets more time, I'm sure the rules will be updated and made more relevant to any new chat we begin to use.

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RE: Chat!

Postby Miroku_74 » Sun 01.21.2007 5:47 am

hi GUY!!!
I'm nEW!!
i'm from ITALY
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RE: Chat!

Postby yokesoe » Sat 11.03.2007 3:23 am

i can't find jlpt 3 study chat. :|where? plz---
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RE: Chat!

Postby coco » Sat 11.03.2007 7:47 pm

yokesoe wrote:
i can't find jlpt 3 study chat. :|where? plz---

Welcome to TJP. :)
What chat rooms did you find?
Click "Who's chatting now" on the Navigation ( left side on your screen), and please read "JLPT3 chat study group" thread on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test section.
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RE: Chat!

Postby Wakannai » Sun 11.04.2007 2:06 am

that orange text in the rules list is unreadable in the azara theme.
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