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Help please

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Help please

Postby Sunshine » Mon 08.01.2005 4:27 pm

Hello, i am new around here and have just started to learn Japanese. I am taking notes every day, about Kangi and such. Can anyone give me some advice on what cover first? I really want to learn to read and speak japanese becuase i will be moving there soon. (my dad got a job there) Can anyone help? Thanks^^
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RE: Help please

Postby Daisuke » Mon 08.01.2005 4:43 pm

You should start by learning the 2 alphabets, hiragana and katakana.


You should learn hiragana first, it is the most important. Katakana is mostly for foreign words.

After that you should go for some basic grammar or kanji, but you should focus on learning the alphabets for now.

Good luck :)
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RE: Help please

Postby Sunshine » Mon 08.01.2005 4:46 pm

Ok thanks^^ i will print them out and try to remember to study them everyday.
*goes to print them out*
THanks again!
i am not to good with computers yet
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Hello i am Hanon, if you have any tips on learing Japanese please feel free to PM them to me^^
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