Common Grammar

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Common Grammar

Post by kinch » Mon 08.01.2005 10:48 pm

I had an idea. A few weeks ago, I learned a grammar construct which, as far as I've been able to tell, isn't frequently taught in beginner's grammar books and lessons. I have numerous resources here, and I haven't seen it yet. Now I'm sure it's probably in a few grammar textbooks, and I'm sure it'll turn up eventually, but I noticed this construct was VERY common. I hear it all the time in anime, I read it often in manga, and I figured a thread would help other people.

So my idea is to post common grammar here, that you see quite alot of, but which may not be explained in the more basic japanese lessons. I'll get us started, and I hope people will contribute something to help make this thread into a sort of 'mini-article'.

"kamo shirimasen" - Used at the end of a sentence, it means "may".
"ashita wa hare deshou ka"
"ame kamo shirimasen ne"

"Do you think tomorrow will be sunny?"
"It may rain."

Of course, this translation is very stiff and without context not very good, but I think you get the idea. Also note that 'shirimasen' could be replaced with 'shiranai'. Keep an eye (or ear) out next time you watch anime or read manga, and I bet you hear it alot once you start to listen for it.

If I get some good feedback and participation by others I'll see if I can research some more.

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