Greatest Japanese expirence

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RE: Greatest Japanese expirence

Post by Wolfie » Fri 06.17.2005 8:41 pm

xDDD! Your fried?!! I'm sorry but...xD; I found that hillarious...

I'd have to say my best experiance though was helping my teacher prounounce japanese words. Espcially when we study WWII. xX They can't pronounce anything right!

Teacher: Hero-shim-a.
Wolfie:'s Hii-ro-shee-mah....--x

and explaining the whole chan/kun/san thing...because it was in a book we where reading. But yeah, my teacher was explaining it wrong.

Teacher: CHAN is part of your name! SAN is for people you should respect! KUN is for...I don't know. o_O;
Wolfile: Noooo! >___<!!

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RE: Greatest Japanese expirence

Post by Zevi » Fri 06.17.2005 9:14 pm

Her name was Aiko *wink*
.... I ish a bad bunny ^^;

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RE: Greatest Japanese expirence

Post by Ishikawa » Tue 08.02.2005 7:27 am

A mail friend was here in italy last year and for a week i took her like a guide in every part i think she must see!!SHe mail me again now,and is a fashion designer....speak very good italian and i do her a lot of ask about japan,japanese, her family,work,we stay till 2 o clock then to find her home here...(we was a little drunk and didn't find it!^__^)...She was very happy to come and find people that take care of her without want nothing and now when i will go to japan she want to do the same with me!!Her name is Etsuko...very funny girl!!!
A no hi ni kaeritai......

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RE: Greatest Japanese expirence

Post by Azn_Gangstet » Sun 10.09.2005 11:23 pm

mm...i went to Japan for 10 hrs...>.< i was coming back from Vietnam but anyways...Japan was VERY pretty from a bird's eye view! the fields were very flat...too bad i didnt have very much experience with the japanese language as i do now....i couldnt spoken to the japanese people that were there...

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