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Postby kiraluvt » Sun 01.21.2007 4:48 am

hmm..anyone here lyk gravitation??
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RE: gravitation

Postby kuroi » Sun 01.21.2007 6:42 am

I do. If you mean the manga. And ehh, you could have a bit more of a descriptive first post. ^_^ Would make things more interesting and make people actually want to reply.
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RE: gravitation

Postby Obsessed_Saru » Wed 01.24.2007 5:36 pm

I'm sorry, I've never "lyked" any thing before in my life. I have however "liked" somthing, and I do indeed enjoy Gravitation. I've never read the manga, but I want to. It'll probably ruin the experience a little but...meh. ;)
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RE: gravitation

Postby flammable hippo » Wed 01.24.2007 6:26 pm

Aww...I was all prepared to talk about the attractive force that all matter in the universe has towards eachother ;)
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RE: gravitation

Postby prep_girl_Nessa » Wed 01.24.2007 7:31 pm

I'm sad to admit that I got into Japanese itself through Gravitation. I was never an anime person, but I really loved that anime.

Although it really wasn't the anime that I liked about it, it was the music. My first two Japanese CDs were Gravitation CDs (mostly from a singer named Kotani Kinya). And then I bought a random CD from Japan, (BoA's Love and Honesty) and from then on I've been completely into Japanese the language and Japanese music.

But I don't really like anime; I don't even watch Gravitation anymore. (But my friend says I'm Ryuuichi and she's K-san...)
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RE: gravitation

Postby kyashi » Wed 01.24.2007 8:29 pm

i looooovveee gravitation! >< i read 1-12 !! its an awesome series! i wish i could watch the anime to here the songs .
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RE: gravitation

Postby Hatori » Wed 01.24.2007 8:51 pm

I hate Gravitation. The whole theme of the guys being in love... >_< ...and then trying to be a pop singer or something stupid like that.
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RE: gravitation

Postby Obsessed_Saru » Thu 01.25.2007 9:45 pm

Awww, it's just a love story. Schuichi looks, sounds, and acts like a girl so it's all good. It's really just a story of love and determination. A story of some one who persued their dream and acomplished it. Oh and some frumpy lover...Yuki is frumpy and depressed. I don't really like him. Yeah...I think I watch too much anime... :D
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