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Ending in ね?

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Ending in ね?

Postby street fighter » Wed 08.03.2005 5:16 pm

I see alot of sentences that end in ne, but my dictionary gives a stupid explanation, and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what it means. As far as i can tell the sentence makes sense until ne is added... what does it do to the sentence?
street fighter
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RE: Ending in ね?

Postby sorce » Wed 08.03.2005 5:25 pm

It's a particle that has a similar meaning in English as "ya know?"
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RE: Ending in ね?

Postby Saishu_Heiki » Thu 08.04.2005 10:54 am

It is (in some books) called the confirmation particle. sorce is correct with "ya know" but it also encompasses ideas like "... isn't it?"
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