Hello All! *waves*

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Hello All! *waves*

Post by Amara » Thu 08.04.2005 9:18 pm

My name's Amanda, I'm 18 years old & from Arkansas. I've been frequenting this site for a couple of months now, and I just joined. I've been trying to learn Japanese for about a year now, but I'm still a beginner. I love all the information on this site, and hope to continue learning as much as I can from it. :)

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RE: Hello All! *waves*

Post by kydancer0123 » Fri 08.05.2005 12:01 am

Nice to meet you! I hope you have a great time here. It seems like this site has just about everything! Well, good luck on your studies!:)
こんにちは, はじめまして!
また ね!

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RE: Hello All! *waves*

Post by Daisuke » Fri 08.05.2005 8:04 am

Hello Amanda. Welcome to the site. Have fun studying! :)

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RE: Hello All! *waves*

Post by redfoxer » Fri 08.05.2005 8:24 am

hajimemashite amandasan! great to have u onboard. come into the chat room whenever cos its great speaking to other japanese learners and great if u have questions!

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RE: Hello All! *waves*

Post by ShinDig » Fri 08.05.2005 9:13 am

hajimemashite Amanda :D...have fun here :)....

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RE: Hello All! *waves*

Post by Sunshine » Fri 08.05.2005 3:25 pm

Welcome! Have fun on the forums, i hope you learn alot and make friends ^^
Hello i am Hanon, if you have any tips on learing Japanese please feel free to PM them to me^^

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