Hey Everyone

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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Hey Everyone

Post by Sybila » Sun 08.07.2005 1:54 am

Hi Everyone. I've been wanting to join this forum for a while..just never got around to it! lol Well now I joined, you may have seen me in the chatroom a few times, I went in as Satokasu Suki. Well I will be going in as Sybila now so yeah...lol. I know I'll have fun here. I want to learn Japanese so badly. Please IM me or email me, I love to talk!! :D

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RE: Hey Everyone

Post by princem » Sun 08.07.2005 2:30 am

こんにちは! Welcome to the boards. :D

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RE: Hey Everyone

Post by Daisuke » Sun 08.07.2005 5:18 am

Hey, welcome to the site. Have fun here! :D

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