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F*'d up Kanji tattoos

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RE: F*'d up Kanji tattoos

Postby furin » Thu 02.15.2007 9:59 pm

I have no idea what 愛和 or 愛和クリニック is. :D
well, I think these are from three words written horizontally.

1. 平和: peace
2. 愛: love
3. 和: harmony

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RE: F*'d up Kanji tattoos

Postby nick-san » Thu 02.15.2007 10:10 pm

The last three kana are my name :p

I didn't really understand that part either
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RE: F*'d up Kanji tattoos

Postby doctor_awesome » Thu 02.15.2007 10:19 pm

jziemba wrote:
Harisenbon wrote:
My favorite was the guy I saw at Hot Topic with 精子 on his neck. He said it meant "Spirit Child" :D

:o well, maybe he likes the warm feeling of it on his neck. :p

I have to say. I fell out of my chair laughing when I read that.
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RE: F*'d up Kanji tattoos

Postby doinkies » Thu 02.15.2007 11:25 pm

ComradeJoe wrote:
Man, that's ludicrous! :D
It reminds me a lot of a girl who had 水子 tattooed on her forearm, and said it meant "child of the sea". /evil chuckle

Eegah, I remember reading some terrible Mary Sue anime fanfic, and said Sue was named 水子...somehow, I doubt that the author knows what that word really means, and just thought "Gee, I want a name with "mizu" in it, hey, since -ko names are common, how about Mizuko!".

The worst part is that it indeed took place in Japan. I don't think ANY Japanese person, who knows what it's used as an euphemism for, would ever name their daughter 水子...
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RE: F*'d up Kanji tattoos

Postby chikara » Thu 02.15.2007 11:50 pm

furin wrote:
I have no idea what ..... 愛和クリニック is. :D ......

nick-san wrote:
.... I didn't really understand that part either

Did either of you bother to click on the link? :D
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RE: F*'d up Kanji tattoos

Postby CassieLee » Fri 02.16.2007 12:06 pm

my older sister's friend tried getting his name in kanji on his neck but a couple of days later we found out it meant beef or something it was funny. theres no way he can cover it up cuz he's bald :D
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