Holy shi..znits

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Holy shi..znits

Post by Kakashi-kun » Sun 02.18.2007 2:16 pm

Ok, the title of this book in Japanese (it is for smaller children, so I bought it since I am a total newb at this) is.....
yo wa mushi o bake
tried to translate, came up with following from japanese dictionary.

yo-over....or world, age, or generation
mushi-disregard....or insect
bake- NONE
ke-hair or fur

I know I am on the right track. there is a monster on the back cover, so it makes sense for ke to be fur. Uh, theres this thing that looks like a gingerbread cookie on the front, and he looks kinda lost, so that would make place make sense too.
I am dying to know what this means, sould someone please help me out?
Thanks guys! B)

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RE: Holy shi..znits

Post by Harisenbon » Sun 02.18.2007 2:38 pm

You have your spacings wrong.

弱虫(よわむし) means wuss
おばけ means ghost

The Wussy ghost

Is this the book?

Changed from Whimpy to Wussy. It needed a little "scardy-cat" feel to it.
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RE: Holy shi..znits

Post by anikaliki » Sun 02.18.2007 3:16 pm

aww That looks like a nice book. For a newbie.

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RE: Holy shi..znits

Post by flammable hippo » Sun 02.18.2007 3:25 pm

anikaliki wrote:
aww That looks like a nice book. For a newbie.
The thing with these children's books is that even though they are written in a very, very simple manner and contain usually almost no kanji, there are still a lot of words that a newbie wouldn't understand. By the time Japanese children read these books they already have a very wide range of vocabulary they acquired from their several years of life. Newbies on the other hand are usually those who have only been studying for a few months so most likely a child with "years of experience" is going to know a lot more than a dedicated studier for a few months.

So for the OP, to have trouble with just the title of the book, he might have a pretty hard time actually reading the book.
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RE: Holy shi..znits

Post by Kakashi-kun » Sun 02.18.2007 10:27 pm

thanks guys
and we all have to be newbs at some point anikaliki

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