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Konnichi wa everybody!

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Konnichi wa everybody!

Postby toni » Tue 08.09.2005 7:41 am

Hey I'm Toni and I come from Finland and I'm 16 (17 next October). Don't let the spelling of my name distract you; I'm a boy but "Tony" is spelt "Toni" here in Finland. I really want to learn Japanese because I believe it'll be useful to me in the future. But learning three different alphabets horrifies me...I'm working on hiragana right now.

I'm so excited about learning Japanese and I hope to make friends with people here. And what's best: this place also allows me to practice my English! :D
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RE: Konnichi wa everybody!

Postby Daisuke » Tue 08.09.2005 7:54 am

Welcome to the site Toni. ;) Good luck with your Japanese!
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