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Please help to translate!

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Please help to translate!

Postby bellyup » Wed 08.10.2005 2:06 am

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RE: Please help to translate!

Postby mandolin » Wed 08.10.2005 3:58 am

... Wow, it's pretty mixed up. Were you guessing at the spelling/sounds of something you heard spoken (like in an Anime or something)?

I did that once with Sailor Moon's most common pre-battle speech... "Ai to seigi no.... [snip]". I got it so messed up, I only could correct it with lots and lots of trips to a japanese-english dictionary! It's tough to pick out the right sounds, I hear ya! :p

Considering that your using the english 'she' (ie She walks to the store) instead of the japanese 'shi', I'll guess you mean the 'gi' to sound like 'guy' in english. If that's so, your first sentence might be:

Onegai, genki desu! (most japanese kinda slur or half-whisper the letters after their s-sounds)

But that would mean "Please, [I'm] fine!"

I'm reminded strangely of the similarity between that phrase and another Sailor Moon reference, though, where chibi-usa (mini-moon) says "Onegai, pegasus!" when she's summoning her unicorn loverboy, and I think to someone not used to listening to japanese could make a leap from pegasus to genki des easily.

I originally thought Sailor Moon said "Ai to semino" instead of "seigi no". I missed like 3 whole sounds and lumped them into an 'm'. :(

I'm not trying to pick on you, you know. I'm saying that I feel for ya, and I wish I could help with the rest. I will say that if you post the context these were used in, it'll probably help out the other people who are more capable than me. :)
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RE: Please help to translate!

Postby bellyup » Wed 08.10.2005 4:07 am

Thanks for your comments. I know nothing abt Japanese and I didn't write these so I can't explain or clarify anything. These words were written by a man to a female friend.
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