Odd problem with Kanji

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Odd problem with Kanji

Post by Wolfie » Wed 08.10.2005 12:52 am

I'm just wondering, has anyone eles had this problem with kanji? Like you can remember what it means and all but you can't remember how it's prounounced?

Like when I see the kanji for "five days" (五日間), I usually remember that means "five days", but I can never remember how it's prounounced! Well, I do know how that one is pronounced, I think. I usually get mixed up when to use kun-yomi and on-yomi readings. I'm guessing ごかかん? But my book says いつかかん. (I know that Itsu and Go both mean five).

It's quite annoying in a way. o_o; So far it hasn't been much of a problem to me, because I usually remember how it looks and all. I dunno, same things happen to me in English vocab. =/ I can't remember those really stupid complex grammar rules, but I know how to spell and say things just by...seeing it.

I'm actually not sure if that even made any sense. ^^; Sorry if it didn't.
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RE: Odd problem with Kanji

Post by skrhgh3b » Wed 08.10.2005 1:25 am

yep! i think this is especially true because there are so many possible pronunciations for any given kanji character depending upon the context it appears in. i also find that i often forget how to write a kanji character, but can still read it when i see it.

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RE: Odd problem with Kanji

Post by Spaztick » Wed 08.10.2005 10:10 am

Yea, sometimes there are exceptions. However, it was counting a length of somethign (time, length, volume, items), so it may be that its going to use the japanese readings for it/ kunyomi. Dunno, I haven't tackled counting to the point of mastery.
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RE: Odd problem with Kanji

Post by Christian_ » Wed 08.10.2005 10:45 am

isnt it if the kanji is combined its a jukugo and you use on readings for the kanji in the jukugo? I really hope im not wrong it took me forever to just basically understand everything i only know 5 kanji:(
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RE: Odd problem with Kanji

Post by mandolin » Thu 08.11.2005 2:08 am

Rules are made to be broken. Much of the time, on is used for jukugo and kun is used for single kanji words. However, this is far from all encompassing. Not to mention, there are often multiple on and kun readings, so you still have some selection to make.

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