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What anime do you HATE?

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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby maboroshi638 » Thu 12.21.2006 8:39 am

I hate girly Anime and Manga like Sailormoon, Wedding Peach and Hamtaro. There are to many bubblegum colours and among them my least favourite colour: Pink!
I just hate the colour! And if you've seen one of these Anime you've seen them all!!!
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby Chobi » Fri 02.09.2007 8:58 pm

Eh most probably pokemon the worst thing broadcast on TV ever :@
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby kyashi » Fri 02.09.2007 10:43 pm

yea!!! go japan!!
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby Axlen » Fri 02.09.2007 11:21 pm

I was going to say magical-girl-based-anime as a rule, but then that would rule out some of the stuff I like. But in general magical bimbos turn me off.
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby shikaze » Sat 02.10.2007 2:00 am

Pokemon- XP. I t gets just soooooooooo annoying! team rocket gets blown into the air on every episode and it gets sooooooooo boring just watching them travel everywhere get badges & stuff. I don't know why I liked the show when I was younger.

Naruto- actually I like the show but the dubbing needs improvement!
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby ____Rhapsody » Sat 02.10.2007 3:03 am

pokemon...digimon...dragonball z...the usual. i used to watch these back when I was like in 3rd and 4th grade though but now I look back and im like "Why?".

but theres this one show i ALWAYS hated. it came on Cartoon Network and was called Big O. I think it was an anime. I hated and still hate that show. It irks me for some reason.
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby b4d0m3n » Sat 02.10.2007 3:09 am

I hate everything and everyone. Anime is not free of my deadly stare.
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby ess_jay_arr » Mon 02.12.2007 5:16 pm

Are we just talking about anime series here? 'Cos I've seen some pretty shocking anime films. 'Shocking' in both the British-slang-for-'terrible' sense, and in the 'shocking' sense.

I used to watch anime films after midnight on a Saturday on the Sci-Fi Channel before I got the Internet (this was quite a few years ago)... and I saw one that had a scene where some kindof virgin princess got dragged underwater and simultaneously drowned and raped by a demon. :| Seeing that left me feeling so bitter. I think it might have been part of the 'Urotsukidoji' saga, I dunno, I think I turned it off after that.

Another one I saw was 'Genocyber'. Aside from being really confusing, it was so gory... and in a way that's really kindof... too much. For instance, there's a scene where there's two children running along a beach, and a helicopter appears behind them, fires its chain guns at them, and we're treat to graphic depictions of these kids being torn to shreds by a hail of bullets.

Oh! And! The phrase 'torn to shreds' just reminded me of an anime series called 'Elven Lied'. Anyone's who's seen it knows what I'm talking about, anyone who hasn't... I won't spoil the surprise. Sadists might like it. :P

A lot of people have mentioned Naruto in this thread. Personally, I like Naruto. At first, it did seem a bit like a senseless action cartoon in the same vein as Dragonball Z, but I gave it a chance, and it really impressed me. The characters and the relationships between them are all quite compelling, I find. Well, that should be past tense, really... The series has been pretty dire since they decided to move away from the manga and make original 'filler' episodes. Then again, those finally ended last week, so I'm looking forward to a return to form with Naruto: Shippuuden. :D
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby two_heads_talking » Mon 02.12.2007 5:43 pm

b4d0m3n wrote:
I hate everything and everyone. Anime is not free of my deadly stare.

I feel sorry for you.. You must be a sad clown then. :o :D
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby AkiraHatake » Thu 02.15.2007 6:47 am

I don't think I very like Sailormoon, I think its images are not good and .... soso :D . There are many reasons that I myself don't know
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Postby enpitsu00 » Sat 02.24.2007 8:19 pm

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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby Ryui » Sat 02.24.2007 9:20 pm

Hatori wrote:
i HATE FLCL because it's just very pointless and stupid i think.

..D: but that's what makes it so good! XD Funny. I still don't know what it was about...but I loved it x]
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby Kisshu » Sat 02.24.2007 11:52 pm

Gah.... I'd say Serephim Call (what the heck is worse then twins sometimes changing minds and being eachother?!?!) and Corrector Yui... gosh.. don't even go there.
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby kyashi » Sun 02.25.2007 1:33 am

i hate yugioh ... too corny. >< , cant beleive my boyfriend likes that show , i tell him to grow up.
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RE: What anime do you HATE?

Postby JoelSmith » Sun 02.25.2007 2:36 am

I dunno if someone else has said what I'm about to say, but someone said Avatar: The Last Airbender is crap. I totally get why hardcore Anime fans would hate Americanised Japanese-style Anime, but Avatar is actually based in China, and it's art is more influence by that then anything. The scene's are definitely Chinese looking, as well as its characters.

Bringing it up in this thread implied to me that it was trying to be Japanese and thats kinda far from the truth.
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