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Post by Ino » Tue 02.27.2007 7:34 pm

So, I just recently saw the best two movies ever made, both about Magicians. The Illusionist, and The Prestige. Absolutely fantastic works of art!! So does anybody know of any movies similar to these that they absolutely love? Or, if you have seen either of them, DIDN'T YOU JUST LOVE THEM???

Anyway, thanks,


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RE: Magicians

Post by Strawberry_Juice » Tue 02.27.2007 7:36 pm

I haven't seen The Prestige yet, but The Illusionist was pretty awesome. Even if the ending was completely corny.

Mmmmm. Eward Norton. :p

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RE: Magicians

Post by flammable hippo » Tue 02.27.2007 8:25 pm

The Prestige was wasn't too great and a lot of it seemed "out there" even though it seemed like it was supposed to have a realistic feel to it.

I haven't seen the illusionist.
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RE: Magicians

Post by Kagemaru » Tue 02.27.2007 8:33 pm

I watch this guy on T.V often.

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RE: Magicians

Post by aKuMu » Tue 02.27.2007 8:38 pm

Kagemaru wrote:
I watch this guy on T.V often.
Yes, the one and only ;)

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