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I have seen

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I have seen

Postby Kutsura » Sun 03.04.2007 6:37 am

Hi I got a quick question, I cant remeber how to say "I have seen the anime Gintama* in japanese.

Umm is it *ぎんたまのアニメってみることがある*?

Ty for the help ^_^ :)
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RE: I have seen

Postby AussieB » Sun 03.04.2007 6:56 am

should be みた not  みる


and ギンマという漫画 is better that ぎんまのまんが
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RE: I have seen

Postby AJBryant » Sun 03.04.2007 12:59 pm


and ギンマという漫画 is better that ぎんまのまんが

Well, other than (1) it's Gintama and not Ginma, and (2) it's an anime and not a manga...

Pretty much okay. Oh, except it's more likely to be encountered as "manga/anime no (title)" and not "(title) no manga/anime".

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