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RE: Sweets.

Post by hiraikotsu » Fri 03.02.2007 12:28 am

Oh I just remembered a yummy one I had recently: Frozen strawberries stuffed with vanilla ice-cream. Heavenly. :)

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RE: Sweets.

Post by chikara » Fri 03.02.2007 2:24 am

keatonatron wrote:
chikara wrote:
Great idea for a very popular Japanese biscuit but I don't get the "march" part. Is this because they were first released in 3月?
Try translating it as "March of the Koalas".
Sorry I left the ;) of my post. Given that Koalas live in trees and spend very little time on the ground the month of release theory seemed as valid as any. Furin has since pointed out that it refers to a marching tune.
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RE: Sweets.

Post by PsychoSP » Mon 03.05.2007 3:00 pm

Does anyone remember 雪イチゴ? I liked those, but I think it was a short-lived fad.

パン is AFAIK more popular than チョコ or candy in Japan. As far as the sweet varieties go:


are all big sellers at the convenience stores.
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RE: Sweets.

Post by Gan » Mon 03.05.2007 3:58 pm

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RE: Sweets.

Post by BrianM » Mon 03.05.2007 9:31 pm

chikara wrote:
Those commercials are priceless lol.
ハイチョ, if i spelt it correctly is something i bought here in America at a little Japanese restaurant and tasted like grape. Pretty good

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RE: Sweets.

Post by tanuki » Mon 03.05.2007 9:39 pm

Thanks to this thread, I went out and bought some Pocky and コアラのマーチ. Both tasted good and I liked, but Pocky had that certain "once you pop you can't stop" which made me finish the darn package and still had me craving for more.
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RE: Sweets.

Post by Delekii » Mon 03.05.2007 10:25 pm

I sure hope the Koalas don't get it into their heads to start marching... those bastards are vicious when they aren't half asleep.

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RE: Sweets.

Post by coco » Mon 03.05.2007 10:53 pm

I sure hope the Koalas don't get it into their heads to start marching... those bastards are vicious when they aren't half asleep.

:D :D

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