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new option for profile

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new option for profile

Postby kinch » Sun 08.07.2005 11:32 pm


Would it be possible to have an option in 'my profile' that turns off avatars when viewing the forums? I really don't need to waste time (and precious bandwidth) downloading small pictures that other people seem to think are 'cool'; most other forums I frequent have this sort of option.

Unless there's already an option for this and I missed it....
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RE: new option for profile

Postby zengargoyle » Mon 08.08.2005 12:07 am

if you're using Firefox you can use the Adblock extension to get rid of them. maybe there's something similar for MS Exploder. ;)

otherwise it's sorta difficult and time consuming. any changes made to the site (which uses php-fusion) have to be kept track of and checked and updated every time there's a new version of php-fusion. now if you can talk the php-fusion guys into adding the feature...
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RE: new option for profile

Postby jinksys » Fri 08.12.2005 3:32 am

I think it would be nice to disallow images in the sig area. I dont need to see someone's "cool wallpaper" everytime they post. My scrollmouse is going to die!!!! :-P
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