Konban wa!!!!

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Konban wa!!!!

Post by doczenith83 » Fri 08.12.2005 6:25 am

Hey there all you guys!!!!

Let me introduce myself! You can call me Doc, Z, Zenith, DocZenith, my real name only goes out to people I get to know better.

Anyways I just found this website a couple of days ago and although I know Japanese as much as I know how to fly the space shuttle Discovery to the moon and back, i think this website ROCKS. I mean it simply kicks ass!!!

I was in Thailand for 10 weeks this summer on a transfer program at a Webster University and I was really contemplating visiting Japan for the weekend, but never had the proper amount of funds. Anyways during my contemplation I was reading as much as I could on Japan and literally fell in love with it. I have had many Japanese friends in the past and still have many now, but it seemed none were very eager to talk about their own culture.

Another thing, you have to admit that Japanese girls are just... :D beaaauutiful..

Anyways I have been living in Vienna, Austria for 4 years now and I plan to go look for some Japanese courses. I am very enthusiastic about it, can't WAIT to get started! :D;)

Anyways till then, peace and see you guys online!
Dr.Zenith sends you his greets!

Forever Yours
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RE: Konban wa!!!!

Post by Forever Yours » Fri 08.12.2005 8:22 am

Welcome to the website then Doc......Good to see you 'Very' Enthuseastic bout those courses..... Good luck lol...
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