your Japanese translation is a ...

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your Japanese translation is a ...

Post by coco » Wed 03.07.2007 9:48 pm

Your Japanes translation is a crap.

hiwa wrote:
Yudan Taiteki wrote:
hiwa wrote:
Your Japanes translation is a crap. But I don't have time to help, sorry.
(and mean)
Mean!? I didn't mean it although I should apologize if it is for you.
What could be a politically correct phrase?
Your translation does not come to a passable Japanese ???


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RE: your Japanese translation is a ...

Post by Tspoonami » Wed 03.07.2007 10:30 pm

"Your Japanes translation is a crap..."

That's hilarious. Period.

But ... What exactly is the purpose of this thread? To continue the argument here, as opposed to in the original thread?
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RE: your Japanese translation is a ...

Post by flammable hippo » Wed 03.07.2007 10:38 pm

I think so, I'm pretty sure what Coco said translated is "if you want to continue, please (do it) over here". I'm actually interested in seeing how this whole thing plays out until it ultimately winds up being locked.
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RE: your Japanese translation is a ...

Post by richvh » Thu 03.08.2007 6:23 am

"Your translation was, shall we say, less than adequate" would be a diplomatic way to phrase it.
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RE: your Japanese translation is a ...

Post by hiwa » Thu 03.08.2007 6:42 am

richvh wrote:
less than adequate
Great! I should have remembered the common phrase.
Thanks for shuffling my half-curdling memory up.

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