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How does your avatar express you?

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RE: How does your avatar express you?

Postby CajunCoder » Mon 03.12.2007 1:18 pm

My [lack of an] avatar probably shows my overly analytical nature, and distaste for unoriginality despite my extreme laziness (effectively hindering me from actually doing anything original.)

I don't like using popular characters because it is unoriginal to do so, and there are few which I feel are similar to me. Generic pictures show no character, so I do not care for them either. Many pictures, such as harisenbon and keatonatron's avatar, I like quite a lot due to originality and portrayal of character, but again, I look at an avatar as a portrayal of one's self, so most interesting pictures do not fit my boring personality :P

This also portrays a bit of my perfectionism - I can never find or make anything which I truly like, so this is another reason that I do not have an avatar.
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RE: How does your avatar express you?

Postby Tsuyuwoyadoshitaha » Mon 03.12.2007 6:21 pm

My avatar is a photo of what my username describes: a leaf with dew upon it.
I chose this username and avatar because tsuyuwoyadoshitaha is one of the many things that I find beautiful in nature. ^_^
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RE: How does your avatar express you?

Postby charizardpal » Wed 05.16.2007 10:56 pm

Honestly, I couldn't get my avator to load :)

Anyway it's cool how we're analyzing all of those mysterious avators here. Signatures and passwords also have expressions in them. Maybe someone should make a topic on past passwords people have used?

I was planning on using the picture below for my avator, and the picture in my URL for my signature.
http://www.geocities.com/charizardpal/s ... al_mod.jpg
I drew this on MS paint in the morning at someone's house. I like drawing stuff with portals and meteors, because without action the picture is boring. But I'm not really big into drawing anymore...that was so....Junior Year. So most of the pictures I post nowadays is stuff I made back then.

As for the origin one in the signature, years ago I wrote a (fanfiction) story talking about a charizard standing behind a shadow-draped sillohete of the character Ash, used as the avator for the admin of a fictional web forum. This is a story I later edited and gave to my English teacher for a project on "My hero." So I ended up copy-pasting some images and doing some crude editing to create a sig that would go along with my avator name on a pokemon video game web site I was posting on.

Anyway, the reason that I still hold onto the signature and the avator is a tribute to my childhood and the days when I could play and play without a care to the future. Eden, in a word. (The other reason is because it makes me traceable to old aquaintances...and those two pictures are actually my own and not something I ripped from the internet...)

edit: to the poster before me, doesn't your username take a long time to type in? Seems like mine takes a lot of time already. Anything more longer than yours and I'd forget my username! Wait...from memory your username was tsuyuwoha....?
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RE: How does your avatar express you?

Postby Hatori » Wed 05.16.2007 11:01 pm

To get your avatar on this website, go to edit profile, browse, and find an apropriate sized picture of what you want to upload online and it'll be here once you click the verify button.
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RE: How does your avatar express you?

Postby charizardpal » Wed 05.16.2007 11:14 pm

Wow it actually worked when I scaled it down a little more. Cool! B)
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