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Do you have any suggestions to the page's content and such?
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Post by Infidel » Tue 03.13.2007 7:28 pm

How about changing the drop down options
1 week
2 weeks
1 month and
2 months

2 hours
6 hours
12 hours

At the very least change 1 month and 2 months to 1 hour and maybe 6 hours. 1 and 2 month isn't useful at all, one might as well start over.

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RE: Super Thread View

Post by hiraikotsu » Tue 03.13.2007 10:23 pm

Can we at least keep the 1 week one? I don't get to visit this site everyday :)
Also, is there some drop down menu for selecting a section when creating new threads? I usually just go straight to the "Recent threads" section, and would have to exit that section if I wanted to create a thread on a different topic...

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