I can't get surround sound out of my computer

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I can't get surround sound out of my computer

Post by BetterSense » Thu 03.15.2007 6:22 pm

I ran an optical cable from my computer to my surround processor, and it works, but the processor won't switch to surround.

I'm using Media Player Classic with CCCP. MPC says audio is "English AC3 48000 bits 6 channels" but my surround processor doesn't think so.

I set control panel to '5.1 surround speakers', and set the CCCP audio output to 'same as input'. I'm not sure at what level the problem is.

I have a DFI RS482 mATX motherboard, using the SPDIF output. The cable I found is really sketchy, with a loose plug, but it works on stereo right now, is it possible that it's not switching to DD because of some transmission errors?

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