kazo=父=means what?

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kazo=父=means what?

Post by MenomaMinx » Sun 08.14.2005 9:33 pm

Ran into this new word using my cannon word tank G50's Japanese/Japanese dictionary. The jump function does not allow me to read the definition {which is almost entirely compound kanji}. This word does not exist in any of my other dictionaries and I can't find online either.

It uses the same kanji as chichi which makes me think it's some variation on the word "Daddy" but why with such a simple everyday word be so hard to find in all these different dictionaries if that's the case?

Has anyone encountered this word before?

What does it mean?
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RE: kazo=父=means what?

Post by njt » Sun 08.14.2005 10:06 pm

It appears that it's just a old way to refer to your father

http://dic.yahoo.co.jp/bin/dsearch?p=%A ... =0&dtype=0


Note, when english dictionaries fail ya, try japanese ones :)

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