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Oral examination help.

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Oral examination help.

Postby Jim » Tue 03.20.2007 1:17 pm

Thought it would be better to start a fresh topic.

basically I have an oral examination tomorrow in japanese where I am going to be asked to talk about myself for 2 to 3 minutes, which is the hardest part. I've been practising my arse off for a few days at the language. It would be brilliant if I could get some corrections, mainly on words. And if you reply in kanji can you please please use furigana after kanji so I can understand it? The ones I have used are the ones I know. What I have so far is....

私 の なまえ は ジエームズ です。 ジョブ では ありません、けれど だいがくせい です。 わたし は アイルランド人 です, アイルランド語 を りゅうちょう しゃべれます。私 も フランス語 を ちょっと しゃべれます。日本語 と こくさいせいじがく で だいがく を べんきょうします

watashi no namae wa James desu, jobu dewa arimasen, keredo daigakusei desu. watashi wa airurando jin desu, airurando-go wo ryuuchou shaberemasu. watashi mo furansu-go wo chotto shaberemasu. Nihon-go to koku-sai-seiji-gaku de daigaku wo benkyou-shimasu.

My name is James. I have no job, however I am a student. My nationality is Irish and I am fluent in the Irish Language. I also speak a little French. I study Japanese language and Politics at university.

I was going to write "dakedenaku mo furansu-go..." instead of "watashi mo furansu-go..." but I'm not sure if its even the right word and i've never heard of it, I found it on jim breen's wwwjdic, so i realise that the watashi is redundent, yet i cannot think of anything else to write.
What I'm looking for is an "also", hence the "mo" which according to my grammar guide can mean "also".

Is there an easier word for Politics as a form of study?!?! I can barely say "kokusaiseijigaku" and surely there is a shorter word simply for "Politics" as a study.

Note that this isn't finished, its about half way done and I've still to mention where I live, where I'm actually from (i've only mentioned nationality) and a few things that I like.

Please help :D
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RE: Oral examination help.

Postby Teh_Freak » Tue 03.20.2007 5:56 pm

For "I also speak a little French", you could say:

フランス語 も 少し 話せます。
furansugo mo sukoshi hanasemasu.

The use of 私 isn't really needed there because it is obvious from context that you're the one who speaks a little French.
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RE: Oral examination help.

Postby richvh » Tue 03.20.2007 7:35 pm

Jim wrote:
私 の なまえ は ジエームズ です。 ジョブ では ありません、けれど だいがくせい です。

The comma comes after, not before, けれど. I'd suggest 仕事(しごと) rather than ジョブ.
 わたし は アイルランド人 です, アイルランド語 を りゅうちょう しゃべれます。
If you're going to make this one sentence, change the です at the end of the first clause to で.
私 も フランス語 を ちょっと しゃべれます。

私はフランス語もちょっとしゃべれます。 Your version means that you (as well as someone else just mentioned) can speak a bit of French, not you can speak French (as well as other languages just mentioned.)
日本語 と こくさいせいじがく で だいがく を べんきょうします

日本語とこきさいせいじがくをだいがくでべんきょうしています。 The subjects are what is being studied, so get を; university is where they are studied, so get で. It's ongoing, not future study, so しています.
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RE: Oral examination help.

Postby Jim » Wed 03.21.2007 10:19 pm

I want to say thanks to both of you, suggestions helped loads and the oral examination went very well. :)
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