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RE: Would you...

Post by kyashi » Wed 02.07.2007 11:39 pm

gaara is a jerk in my opinion . and kakashi is to old for me . and like someone above me said ,
''Some people shouldn't get that caught up in anime that they fantasize about CARTOON characters. For the love of God, people, obsess about actresses if you want, but CARTOONS?"
is totally right sure they my be kewl and cute and hot but we should be fantisasing over real people not anime. . gaara is kewl and all and so is kakashi but u dont see me running around saying i wanna marry kakashi or gaara .

please dont take any thing of what i said to offence.

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RE: Would you...

Post by neo2407 » Sun 02.11.2007 6:45 pm

AJBryant wrote:
Neo2407 scribbled:
ashitaka, if you hate anime so much why did you come on to the anime and manga discussions forum?
I don't think he said he hates anime. I think he was saying the question was STOOPID.
If you look at his signature, it says "Do humanity a favor, Get rid of anime!"...that gives me the idea that he hates anime.
AJBryant wrote:
(And... "Neo"? Seriously!?)
Actually I've been using that name since before "The Matrix" was released. I was signing up to a forum and all the usernames I usually used were taken, so I pressed random buttons and it came up with "Neo".
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RE: Would you...

Post by kawaiicat » Thu 03.22.2007 4:49 pm

[quote]kyashi wrote:
gaara is a jerk in my opinion .

right on! i h8 him too! he killed kimimaro!my favorite! i almost cried when I watched that episode :(.....well i did!

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RE: Would you...

Post by AJBryant » Thu 03.22.2007 7:29 pm

Skating *real* close to that line, now.


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RE: Would you...

Post by trabia-wind » Thu 03.22.2007 9:01 pm

hm. it'd be pretty weird to date someone 2d, right. but i like naruto too. it's cool.

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RE: Would you...

Post by tanuki » Thu 03.22.2007 9:16 pm

Again: A bad penny always turns up.

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