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Dir En Grey

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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby obscure_die_lover » Fri 03.23.2007 3:24 pm

the best band in the world!!! they rock live!!!

lucky..u met die..
my idol :D
"three small words, make up one big word""

and die is god!!

and boo boo seul ki beom!!
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby Sachi » Fri 03.23.2007 4:03 pm

Several friends of mine have really got me into Dir en grey recently (actually, I'm listening to The Final right now, too...). Their music's really grown on me, I gotta say.
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby lastlife » Sun 03.25.2007 12:37 am

overrated, terrible band
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby JingaiShido » Thu 04.05.2007 11:14 am

Hellz ya, Dir En Grey is the best! ^,^

I pump them almost daily.
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby ninjou_rgl » Tue 04.10.2007 10:57 pm

You know... living toward the middle of the US *coughOklahomacough*, no one can truely say that everyone started listening to Dir en grey in order to be in the big 'fad'-type-thing... it's kinda difficult to catch and join a fad if it isn't a fad in your area yet, don't you think? No... well maybe that's your problem. I've seen them all of six times, and never once did I feel like I was contributing to some 'fad'... that's including the two shows I saw at the BUDOKAN. Besides, aren't 'fads' those things that half the teenage community in your local area are aware of? I'd truely be beyond surprised if I managed to find 30 people of ANY age in my local area who had half a clue who Dir en grey are, and who haven't had the information given to them by myself or my two friends.
Anyway.. now that the need to rant is out of my system.... someone said that they were booed off stage..? In Oklahoma City, at KATTfest, they were booed, disrespected by the radio station, ignored by their host band, and had rocks thrown at them. And, when they were performing for their debut last March, one fangirl climbed ONTO the stage to get a pick from Die's mic stand, and another groped Kaoru durring the performance. There are numerous ways in which the band is disrespected when they perform here... I'm surprised (and glad) that they haven't just decided to stop touring in the US altogether.
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby PsychoSP » Wed 04.11.2007 12:39 am

You sig is WAAAAY too big.

But I lol'ed at the first jrock banner. :)
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby ninjou_rgl » Wed 04.11.2007 6:51 pm

*points at new sig* hopefully that's not.... <.<;

*stares for a couple minutes at sig... entranced by Kaoru for some reason* wow... i hope that's not going to be a problem.... same with the totchi one.... o.o;

so.... keatonatron... you were in Ryoujoku? i realize you stated that... a few times.... but i'm just a little curious....
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby ChibiChahiro » Wed 04.11.2007 6:58 pm

I just got into listening to them. I like there sound, and there "style" it's meaningful, but still having a certain... attitude to it.
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby Steve_Poppers » Fri 04.20.2007 5:51 pm

Oh my god, I just love them. It's been about 3 or 4 years that I've been listening to them. I just saw them live in Detroit in February, I think. (Can't remember exactly when...)It was so awesome. They started with The Final, and everyone sang along. It was amazing...O.o Well, yeah. I downloaded most of their music, although I haven't gone through all of it. I'm not listening to them a lot right now, but I do love them. Favorite's Shinya. (so cute! ^-^)
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby GhoulsNightOut » Thu 05.10.2007 8:31 pm

I'm slowly but surely buying all their CDs, my friend is getting all the singles too, but that's nearly impossible *and quite expensive*

What was everyone's favorite album??
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby AndyTheUsagi » Fri 05.11.2007 12:15 am

My gosh. I never thought I'd find a Dir En Grey thread on TheJapanesePage. And the thread is pretty old too. Quite a surprise.

I'd say Withering To Death was my favorite album. Besides that, I like more of Vulgar than any other album. Then Marrow of a Bone comes third, just because it's their newest one.
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby ookami13 » Sat 06.23.2007 12:31 am

they hav a couple of really good songs but the rest r lik well ok i guess
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RE: Dir En Grey

Postby Mano_Juodasis_Brolis » Sat 06.23.2007 1:06 pm

Are you kidding? I love Diru ^^ I love them to the end. Toshiya is the most gorgeous person this planet has to offer! And a very inspiring bassist... "Akuro no oka" was one of the main reasons why I decided to play bass after all... They ROCK!

Sure, Agitated Screams of Maggots was a bit weird [VULGAR is my favorite], but I'm not dissapointed with Marrow of a Bone. Not at all ^^. One shop in another city sells the CD, so maybe I'll even buy it. A gread thing to add to my collection of j-music...
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