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A late introduction

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A late introduction

Postby Uwabami » Mon 08.22.2005 2:38 am

Hello all,
My real name is Glen. I chose the name uwabami because I have a pet snake, so I have a thing for snakes. I got him when I was a teenager. I didn't know at the time caring for a snake was a lifetime commitment. hehe. It seems a boa constrictor lives for about 35 years and he is only in his early 20's now.
I live in Colorado and, yes, I really am 40 years old. I just bacame interested in learning Japanese recently and I hope to have enough money to visit Japan someday. The economy has been very unkind to me.
Having always been good in math, I'm working on a degree in education so that I can teach high school math. I have always had an interest in learning a second language, and, so far, I find Japanese the most fun yet the most difficult to learn.
So far, I have only learned hiragana, about 60-70 Kanji, my katakna is pretty rusty and my Japanese grammar is terrible, but... little-by-little.
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RE: A late introduction

Postby coco » Mon 08.22.2005 6:48 am

Uwabami wrote:
It seems a boa constrictor lives for about 35 years and he is only in his early 20's now.

日本に行くとき petたちはどうするのかな?

語学(ごがく)は いくつになっても学(まな)べます。
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