Song Translation Troubles

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Song Translation Troubles

Post by houko » Fri 08.19.2005 3:35 pm

Hello, everyone.
I'm a student studying Japanese and have been spending some of my free time during the summer translating a few songs for friends and for myself. This is the first time, however, that I'm doing one a little more complicated (not too complicated though, I'm sure.. I'm such a beginner.. orz).
I'm not entirely sure of a couple parts (i.e. don't have confidence ^^; ) and would like a double check. Please feel free to point out anything that's completely off or tell me that I need a lot more pratice. 頼む。 m(_ _)m


I will ride this endless dream
and embrace the sparkling wind to my chest

手探りの中 真っ暗な闇で かすかにきらめく光がある
誰も知らない君の足跡 追いかけてはまた失う

As I fumble about in the pitch darkness there is a faint, glimmering light
I recognize no one but your footsteps and run after them less they slip away

どうか飛び立てる勇気と力…fly high

I summon wings
and the edge of the horizon secretly gives me encouragement
its whisper merges with the sea breeze
Somehow, fly with all of your strength and high

心に舞う優しい景色 そこにはいつも
どこまでも そう海を、 森を、 砂漠を越えて

You always exist in the kind, dancing scenery in my heart
Smiling at me
I'll cross the ocean, woods, desert, it doesn't matter where
I'll always keep going

彷徨いだした真昼の月を 探し出す君の夢見たよ
どこか遠くで呼んでいる声 道しるべにまた佇む

The aimlessly wandering midday moon seems to be searching for the you I saw in a dream
A voice calls from afar and stops me in the middle of this familiar path

もう二度と離れたりしないよ…trust me

All of your sadness and hate
is there, wrapped up in those eyes I wish to protect
you'll never be alone again
because I'll never leave you... trust me

見上げた空 虹の向こう 広がる未来
ただ そばにいたい

I look up at the sky and beyond a rainbow lies a vast future
that is genuinely precious
I don't need a special reason or anything
Just stay by my side

新しい季節が始まる 生まれ変わるように...

A new season is beginning and it feels like I'm born again...

今 胸に抱きしめ
いつまでも そう君を、 夢を、 愛を信じてく

I will ride this dazzling dream
Now, I embrace the sparkling wind to my chest
Now and forever, I will believe in you, in that dream, in love
These feelings powerfully shoot up

( ´∀`) オマエモナー

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RE: Song Translation Troubles

Post by jinksys » Tue 08.23.2005 12:36 pm

you'll get more responses in he translations forum, thats where the smart ones hang out :)
Hello? Internets?

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