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Postby RPin » Wed 08.24.2005 9:06 am

Hello, everyone. I've been reading a manga to practice my japanese and got stuck in a word. I think it's pretty irrelevant to the understanding of the whole story but I want to know what it means.

It's more or less like this: a girl gets stopped in the street by two (very foreign-looking) guys and goes:

あのう ちょっと急いでますから。。。

To which one of them respond (all in Katakana, I take it is to highlight their foreign accent):


I know she's saying that she's in a hurry and that they're asking her to slow down and talk to them. But what does ピョートー mean?
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RE: ピョートー?

Postby Harisenbon » Wed 08.24.2005 10:07 am

are you sure you don't mean びょうどう? 平等 is fair. So time is fair to everyone. It's a fairly standard phrase I believe.

those ぴs and びs can look the same.
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RE: ピョートー?

Postby RPin » Wed 08.24.2005 11:37 am

It says ピョートー.

But I take the manga must be emulating some accent or something. The katanaka writting also threw me off.

Thanks a lot!
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