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RE: AP Japanese

Post by trabia-wind » Sun 02.25.2007 11:49 pm

hmm wow. i saw that, i'm gonna study hard to take it by senior year.. i'm in sophomore year now. even though my school doesn't have japanese, i'm learning by myself.. and at a community college.

my school has spanish, french, german, latin, hebrew, and mandarin they just added this year.. (which a bunch of chinese people are taking..) >_< ap mandarin test too!

are native speakers allowed to take the ap tests? o_O i'd think so.. there's nothing to stop them.. but still.. isn't that kind of weird.

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RE: AP Japanese

Post by ____Rhapsody » Mon 02.26.2007 12:15 am

they administrated AP Japanese at my school this year but i wont be able to take it because next yr i have to take Japanese II H since i didnt take it this yr :@

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RE: AP Japanese

Post by GhoulsNightOut » Thu 05.10.2007 8:57 pm

@___@I just took that test...all I can say is what the hell??
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RE: AP Japanese

Post by zomegashot » Wed 07.11.2007 9:25 pm

my school only offers french, spanish, and latin. i was tempted to move to a school that offered japanese, but i decided not to :(

and while i'm at it, please correct above if wrong

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