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View topic - -i and -na form adjectives

-i and -na form adjectives

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-i and -na form adjectives

Postby Louise3 » Sat 08.27.2005 5:19 pm

Is there a way to tell the difference through the romanji?
It's alright when the endings are different, but what if they both end in 'i'?
Because it seems to be looking like I'll need to learn a bunch of kanji and the rest of hiragana, before I can grasp that part of basic grammar at the moment and I'd rather like to know some of the latter first.
Any help is appreciated n.n
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RE: -i and -na form adjectives

Postby AaRoN » Sat 08.27.2005 5:26 pm

U have to learn them ne wayz
I don't understand.......Why can't i fly????
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RE: -i and -na form adjectives

Postby Mariya » Sat 08.27.2005 5:38 pm


I don't think theres a particular way in telling the difference. However, you may find some answer on this website:


Hope you find something useful. :)
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RE: -i and -na form adjectives

Postby Harisenbon » Sat 08.27.2005 7:53 pm

an -i adjective will always end in -i. No matter if it is romaji, kanji or hiragana.

a -na andjective will be an adjective that does not end is -i. There aren't many -na adjectives that end in -i.

there are some exceptions, but that's the general rule.
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RE: -i and -na form adjectives

Postby Louise3 » Sun 08.28.2005 7:30 am

@AaRoN: That is a good point xP

@Mariya: Thanks for the link, it cleared things up a bit ^.^ It didn't help that earlier I happened to be looking at an exception in the examples I looked at somewhere else without knowing it.

@Harisenbon: I knew the rule, but had no idea how common it was I was going to see -na adjectives ending in 'i'. Thanks :)
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