Reading English News on the Internet

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Reading English News on the Internet

Post by davmandy » Sat 05.12.2007 1:49 am


I'd like to announce the publication of a bilingual book to help intermediate to advanced Japanese ESL learners.
"Reading English News on the Internet: A Guide to Connectors, Verbs, Expressions, and Vocabulary for the Japanese ESL Student" covers nearly 200 connectors, phrasal verbs, idiomatic verb phrases, and everday expressions. There are tips on reading news, sports, and finance articles online, and students can test themselves with mini-quizzes and a final exam. Available from


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RE: Reading English News on the Internet

Post by shiohigari » Sat 05.12.2007 6:00 am

That looks great! :) I'm an ESL teacher to Japanese exchange students, and I just happen to have been looking for some materials covering what's in your book. It'll be extremely useful. Thanks so much!

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RE: Reading English News on the Internet

Post by lalaith » Sat 05.12.2007 6:20 am

Not a moderator, but doesn't this belong in the 英語の練習 section rather than Off topic?
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RE: Reading English News on the Internet

Post by richvh » Sat 05.12.2007 7:49 am

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