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starting out?

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starting out?

Postby appleraja » Mon 08.29.2005 10:26 pm

im just curious before u try to learn hiranga, should u beable to read romanji first?
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RE: starting out?

Postby Harisenbon » Tue 08.30.2005 12:23 am

Romaji is just a stepping stone. It is not needed, and definately not recommended (by me). Learn the Hiragana first, then Katakana, then Kanji.
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RE: starting out?

Postby appleraja » Tue 08.30.2005 3:01 am

i can learn the prnounciations but i wont kno much words though
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RE: starting out?

Postby Daichi » Tue 08.30.2005 8:20 am

Whenever someone is just starting out they'll recieve different advice from different people.

Some people like to stick with romaji for quite some time, although most people advise strongly against this, some like to start reading Japanese straight away and others (such as myself) prefer to begin with an audio course, and build up vocabulary before they start reading/writing. Many combine these methods.

I think the best idea is to try out as many different methods as you can (use your local library to save you forking out too much cash early on). Find out which is best for you and stick with that one.

And keep logging into this site, it'll help you greatly along the way!

Also http://www.joewright.org/writings/learnj.html

It's a good reference!
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