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Lost posts

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

Lost posts

Postby Gundaetiapo » Mon 05.21.2007 11:26 pm

1: Login
2: Open up a thread
3: Wait until login will have timed out
4: Without clicking refresh or nothin', type a long meticulous treatise on mastering Japanese and the meaning of the cosmos in the quick reply field from step 2.
5: Click to post.
6: Watch post disappear into the aether.
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RE: Lost posts

Postby lalaith » Tue 05.22.2007 12:20 am


It's incidents like this that always make me copy my long posts to the clipboard before I click on anything. That way if something happens I can always just paste it back in.
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RE: Lost posts

Postby ghosthacker » Tue 05.22.2007 1:11 am

Yeap, happens to me in lots of these internet forums too. Ctrl-C is your friend :p
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RE: Lost posts

Postby jrivera » Tue 05.22.2007 10:02 am

There's not much that can be done about that I'm afraid.
Session time out default is usually set to one hour (I don't know about this site in particular).
It could be set to more but that puts more strain on the server's memory for having to remember more sessions than it really needs to.

I'd recommend clicking any link at least once an hour or make sure you're still logged in before you start typing something.
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