konnichiwa minna

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konnichiwa minna

Post by AiTenshi » Tue 08.30.2005 8:43 pm

hi everyone im 16 years old i have been studying japanese for 3 years in school! i was born in okinawa but moved back to america after my father left the marines! i would like to brush up on my japanese and further my studies as a japanese language! and i hope anyone that can help me will! i and i love to make friends!
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RE: konnichiwa minna

Post by Daisuke » Wed 08.31.2005 7:26 am

oo, i already met you in the chat. ^.^

Welcome to the site. ;)

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RE: konnichiwa minna

Post by Mariya » Mon 09.05.2005 2:37 pm

Hiya, welcome to the site! I know you'll love it! :D

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