hours of amusement

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hours of amusement

Post by zengargoyle » Tue 05.29.2007 10:23 pm

so, over the past couple of days i've spent literally hours watching YouTube videos.

first, Kuroko, if you remember (and liked) last years 'Matrix Ping Pong' video... here are a bunch more. these are from a Japanese gameshow where teams perform little skits and compete against each other... and the skits are of the type where there are a bunch of people dressed in black (all kabuki like) manipulating the scenery. be sure to check my comment near the end of the post for the gameshow info and a YouTube search for more videos. i spent hours watching these videos and laughing hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.

second, another round of Anime Music Videos. there are some really good ones here, but one that didn't make it is Animatrix: Radiohead - Paranoid Android. yet another hour or so of amusement.

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RE: hours of amusement

Post by Gundaetiapo » Tue 05.29.2007 11:20 pm

Ha ha, 「!よのんすにな」

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RE: hours of amusement

Post by Obsessed_Saru » Sat 06.02.2007 10:10 pm

And if your internet is slow it'll be at least 3 days of fun!!! Hurrah for dial up!... :(...(oh woe is me)
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