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RE: MakeYourOwnComic!

Post by tanuki » Mon 02.19.2007 4:55 pm

Ban it?

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RE: MakeYourOwnComic!

Post by aKuMu » Mon 02.19.2007 5:02 pm

I guess the Nick/Account ;)

Akiru: it is just that your whole "I am a great Japanese Manga Artist or whatever is a little doubtfully. And your mass-same-Threads and multiple postings doesn't help it.


Ah, I forgot annoying
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RE: MakeYourOwnComic!

Post by Akiru » Mon 02.19.2007 5:02 pm

[center]YES IT, the thread. BAN IT! It sucks anyway.[/center]
*Akiru hakate*

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RE: MakeYourOwnComic!

Post by kawaiicat » Wed 03.21.2007 7:28 pm

[[center] - The almighty sepheroth now was weilding the sword and had the power to unleash the most vicous THING that you've ever seen! Your grandmother's garden weeds! dun dun dun![/center][/quote]

ooooo..this is fun!um let me think..I'll add people who responed to this thread in it!

but they wern't just any garden weeds they were vicious man eating flytraps! As Sepheroth tried to make a run for it he was too late, one of the flytraps had already bitten off on of his arms!his left arm!(fans:" noo not the left arm :o!") but soon after the plants had eaten his arm whole, Sepheroth made the excape! As his journey to go find the great lord kawaiicat, in search of the evil lord Ongakuka his brother! be continued

(kawcat: there u go,ur all on ur own now! :))

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RE: MakeYourOwnComic!

Post by punkgrl326 » Sun 06.03.2007 7:33 pm

However, on the way there he was feeling hungry so he stopped at Veal King (yes Veal King), his favorite fast-food restaurant this side of Akiru-ville. There he was met by Stephen, his evil vampire twin brother! Before Sepheroth could make any sudden moves, he was bitten by Stephen and became a vampire himself! Then he blanked out....

(Try and top that! ;))
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